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The Brothers are Back

2012-12-29 05:56:27 by Jakehinojo

Our band, The Due Brothers are back from out absence of music making and are making some new music. It's been a hard past few years since we got back together and have been struggling to make ends meet. Our last album Mr. Bones (released in 2011) has made poor sales. We have a new album coming out this January called "Tablet" will have 13 tracks and 1 bonus track. Around March we will be having our first album "Marijuanu" digitially remastered and include a second CD having the demo version of each song from the album, and includes a poster.

We wish things would go back to how they were back in the late 90's, but times change, and so do people. Me, Matt, and Wayne are back to our music sessions and are getting back on track and will release a few new exclusive tracks here on newgrounds.


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