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Saint Patricks day album!

2016-02-14 21:21:19 by Jakehinojo

We've started working on our new Saint Patricks day album! More info to come in the next few days, so stay tuned!

We stayed #1!

2015-12-26 02:58:30 by Jakehinojo

Our song, "Snowdog" stayed as the #1 song in the Christmas section during Christmas. Thank you guys so much for making this possible.

We're #1!

2015-12-15 10:27:00 by Jakehinojo

Our first Christmas song of 2015 has only been up for a short time, and it's already the #1 Christmas song on newgrounds! Thanks guys!


2015 Christmas Album

2015-12-04 01:10:36 by Jakehinojo

EDIT: The first song is now in the audio portal. Go check it out!


Hey guys, we started working on our Christmas album, titled "Snowdog" and we know everyone is going to love it. Matt is finally back, and in the Christmas spirit, and this is going to be our best Christmas album yet! We will post a sneak peek song in a few days, so check back and listen to it when it's released.


Expanding our social media

2015-11-20 01:31:52 by Jakehinojo

Hey guys, quick update. We decided to create an instagram and twitter account for us. We're a little late to the party, but give us a break, we're getting old and we aren't fully used to this new technology. We feel this will be fun, and will let you guys see more of what we're up to.
Our twitter
Our instagram

We don't post news as much on newgrounds, so to view all news, visit our website

Check it out!


Midnight release!

2015-10-10 04:10:25 by Jakehinojo

We just released our first song from our Halloween album! Check it out here:

New album

2015-10-06 02:29:23 by Jakehinojo

We've been working hard on this one. We haven't made any songs yet, but we are currently in the process of working on a few, and I think everyone is going to love them. The album cover itself took well over 2 weeks, about 53 hours of work overall into it. We won't say much more about it, besides that one of the songs is named "Shindig." We're also going to do a giveaway of some of our CD's, and signed posters, but we'll tell you more about that later. We are working non-stop to have this album done, and it will for sure be done within the next week or two, so keep checking back for new songs!



The Return

2015-07-06 03:11:17 by Jakehinojo

It's been a while. The only things put out this year have been some of my solo songs. Things have been up and down for us, but mostly down. We had to cancel our spring tour as you all know already, and refunds have just recently been given out. If you haven't gotten your refund by July 20th, please send me a PM and I will try to help you out.

Anyways, Matt has been gone since he was put in a coma because he didn't change out his blinker fluid and got in a big car accident.

Wayne is just fine, but his computer isn't. He got angry at a recording session and slammed his computer onto the ground. He was angry because our plans to open for Parov Stelar in August was cancelled because he didn't pay the cable bill. He was right to be angry, but I think he took it a little too far. The guys tried to offer us free snowdogs, but it wasn't enough.

Wayne should be back some times in August and we will be working on a new, currently untitlted album and it's going to be awesome.

On the bright side my new solo album is coming out soon. It won't be released all at once, it'll be released over the next few weeks.


The Due Brothers Mid-Late Summer Tour!

Starting July 21st, we will be on tour again. We will be in Lansing, Michigan to start at the Breslin Center, and other tour dates and locations will be released later. Tickets are already sold out for the first event, but the others aren't up for sale yet, but I'll post the ticketmaster link to buy them later. Check back later, and please pray for Matt's recovery.


Biggest year yet

2015-01-11 05:25:26 by Jakehinojo

This is going to be a big year for us. In fact, this will be the biggest year ever for us, and even bigger than '93 if any of you remember that. We will be doing the spring tour starting early March. Tickets will be available soon. We'll keep you posted about when you can purchase them (hopefully in the next week.) Matt is out of rehab for a short while, after nearly 20 years. We are very happy to see him back. He will only be in a few songs, but even just one song is enough to bring back the band to the glory days. We have been working hard in the garage coming up with new songs and just messing around. It's been too long.



Jake's solo album "Out on Business" will be out soon. Listen to the demo now!